The Feasting Begins – Week 1

So I started this challenge last Friday, downloading the ShapeUp application onto my iTouch and recording what I was eating. According to Michelle Bridges I have to be eating 1789 calories a day, and if I want 1kg extra a week I therefore need 2789 calories a day. For some reason the ShapeUp application says I need 3600 calories a day if I want to go from 67kg to 80kg in 12 weeks. So obviously I picked the 3600 calories a day instead. That’s double the energy my body needs in a day… My stomach has definitely expanded over this week. This is what I ate on that first Friday

Breakfast: 2 slices of multi-grain toast, juice and spread, 1 croissant. (351 cal)

Lunch: Subway footlong and cookie (920 cal)

Afternoon Snack: Maccas burger and someone else’s chips – cant remember which (550 cal)

Dinner: 750ml of Vegetarian soup, 6 slices of bread with peanut butter, 450 ml of orange juice. (1372 cal)

Total for the day: 3194 cal. Breakfast definitely let me down and I’m eating heaps more in the mornings now. I was driving back from Port Macquarie so that’s why there was so much fast food.

Tuesday was the first day I went over. 3770 cal.

Breakfast: 6 peices of weetbix with honey, 500ml of soy milk, 250g of fruit yoghurt, 1 banana, 2 slices of multigrain bread, 1 avocado.  (1433 cal) Took me an hour to have breakfast… Other than that I’ve been mixing in some protein powder and a bit of soda and juices to keep the calories up.

Tips so far. Record what you eat, make sure you checkout the nutrition guides so you know how much you still need to eat and are aware of what you’re putting in.

What’s the result? I weighed myself again in the morning on the following Friday and I’ve gone from 67.5kg to 69.5kg. So far I’m a week ahead of my target!

Results: So as of the end of week 1 I’m officially not underweight! +2kg

Thoughts: Hopefully the weight continues to stack on this quick, that will mean only 6 weeks till my goal. I think it might slow down as I get heavier but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Toothpick gets a vision!

So two weeks ago someone changed my mind about not being able to pickup weight. I’d just seen a presentation focused on gaining/losing weight and putting on muscle – oh yeah. So I was pretty pumped to tryout what I’d learnt. Let me quickly sum this up for you from the notes I made.

Picking up weight is 10% genetics, 10% exercise and 80% food. So you’re born with some of it, some of it is hard work, but the biggest part is what you eat.

Food is basically split into Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. Protein being important for muscle building, carbs for energy, and we need fat too; eventhough some it is bad, and some is good.

Calories are a measurement of energy. Most of the time the nutrition chart on the packaging of the food you’re eating will give how many kilojoules (kj) of energy it contains. 1 calorie is around about 4.2 kj. That’s quite helpful because most of the time we’ll be working in calories.

Well basically while trying to gain muscle you need to be taking in 1.1-1.8 grams of protein multiplied by your weight in pounds. 1 kg = 2.2 pounds. So multiply your weight by 2.2 and then by 1.1 to get the minimum protein you require per day to be picking up muscle properly.

For carbs you’ll want to be taking in 2-3 grams per pound of weight. Try stay away from white carbs, like white bread that’s got all the good stuff taken out. Smash up a bit of multi-grain bread.

Now back to Calories. Your body needs energy to function, extra energy is converted to weight, and a lack makes you lose weight. The Basal Metabolic Rate calculation gives you the amount of calories your body needs to survive (to stay the same weight).

Go to —> tools and click on BMR and get yours. I think she’s one of the trainers from the biggest loser show.

At 67kg, 190cm and age 22; I need 1789 calories a day. Now here’s where it gets to the weight. For every 500 calories over that figure you consume per day, you will pickup approxiamately 0.5 kg in a week. It’s not recommended to be gaining or losing more than 1kg in a week, so go easy.

Don’t forget exercise burns calories. Heavy free weights will burn about 450 calories in an hour, jogging at 10km/hr would burn about 700 calories in an hour. So if trying to get bigger by working out but your not picking up weight or getting lighter you’re not eating enough.

That’s basically it, the last thing I was told to do was try and get my calories from the right foods. Each calorie can be thought of as coming from a mixture of protein, carbs and fat. Technically you could get all your calories from soft drinks, but it’s just pure sugar, so eventhough you’ll pickup weight, it’s definitely not the healthy choice. Try focus more on complex carbohydrates that you’d get from bread or rice etc.

For those of you with iPod touches or iPhones – download ShapeUp (free) this has like 180,000 food entries and will give you their calories so you can keep track of what you’re eating and if you’re meeting your goals. The other one is iFitness ($2.49), for anyone exercising this is just ridiculously awesome, check it out.

Now it’s time to actually try it out and see what happens!

Checkout the results from week 1!

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